July 2021 Update

By Scott Allen Czysz

Published Jul 8, 2021

  • Monthly Update

Greeting all.

I am happy to report progress on both of my games that are in the hands of publishers.

Count of the Nine Estates

Count of the Nine Estates will be an upcoming ButtonShy Games' Board Game of the Month Club game. It will be in the July package of games, but please note that they are running behind (I think the May games were just shipped last week). But, hopefully that means that Count of the Nine Estates will be shipped out in late August (my guess, not the publisher's official date) to their Patreon backers and then available for sale on their website soon after that. I believe you must have been a Patreon backer as of June 30 to receive this "July" game. So, unfortunately, it is too late to sign up to get this game that way. So...fingers crossed...hopefully this game will be available to purchase in August or September.

I am very much looking forward to seeing one of my game creations in a world famous ButtonShy game wallet.

Pocket Landship is rolling towards a new Kickstarter campaign soon. The campaign will be for an 18 card expansion called "Pocket Landship: No Man's Land". The expansion will be available stand-alone (for those who already own the game), or with the base game.

I have talked about this expansion in the past, so just to recap, the expansion will include a few new cards for everything: player's landship, commanders and drivers, enemy cards, and more. In addition to "more stuff", the expansion will also include a 2-player semi-cooperative / competitive mode.

No Man's Land box rendering

Both these games are being published by small publishers, so small real life interruptions can throw their schedules into chaos, so I appreciate your patience with these projects. The good news is they are both progressing.