About Me

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I have a few games published in various forms:

  • Pocket Landship - published by Word Forge Games through a 2019 Kickstarter campaign and a 2022 expansion and re-print campaign.
  • Count of Nine - a 9 card solo game published by Button Shy Games as one of their Board Game of the Month.
  • Count of the Nine Estates - an expanded (and improved) 18 card version of the game published by Button Shy Games.
  • Forest Sky - a multi-player, 18 card game inspired by the excellent game Fantasy Realms.
  • 12 Patrols - a solo, puzzly game published by Alban Viard Studio Games in a 2023 Kickstarter campaign.
  • Mech Capture - is available for print on demand at TheGameCrafter.com

I have a variety of solo and 2-player print and play (PNP) games available on BoardGameGeek.com (link ), and I am usually working on several new designs.

I discovered modern tabletop games about 10 years ago when my then 18-19 year old son was helping a friend refurbish an old downtown building to open a game store.

Abet Books & Games
Abet Books & Games in Freeport, Illinois

Soon after that I began tinkering with designing my own tabletop games and entering them in BoardGameGeek.com (BGG) design contests.

Growing up with 3 siblings, when we played boardgames, it was the usual suspects of the 1970s: Monopoly and Risk. Somewhere in there, I remember my older brother getting Avalon Hill's mediocre Outdoor Survival . So, that would be my first exposure to "modern" boardgames.

Later in my teen years, we would play Feudal , a "chess-like strategy game in the 3M bookshelf series".

Around that time, I also bought PanzerBlitz and played it with my older brother some. Still one of the coolest game box covers.

PanzerBlitz game box
PanzerBlitz game art

Then, college happened, with some videogames, some now classic arcade games like Pac-Man and Missile Command. Later, I got into PC games and played a lot of Doom 3, then Warcraft 2, then Warcraft 3, and Call of Duty. I still play Warcraft 3 online occasionally with my brother and son. My favorite gaming memories are playing Warcraft 3 online.

Warcraft 3 screenshot.
My island of towers, my last defense. Warcraft 3.

For those not familiar, Warcraft is a real time strategy game where strategy is important, but so are tactics (tactics typically meaning managing your group of 10 or 12 units as they combat your opponent's group of 10-12 units). Warcraft is a "4X" game where you start with a small Town Hall, one peon, and a nearby goldmine. Go! Mine gold, harvest lumber, hire more peons, build a Barracks, train Riflemen, find more gold, level up your hero, battle your opponent,... With each race (Human, Orc, Elf, Undead) there are different strengths and weaknesses, different structures, different units, tech trees, and plenty of variety. Online, multiplayer games can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 or 4 hours, and the time flies by.

From a tabletop game perspective, Warcraft does a lot of things well:

  • Strategy AND tactics are important,
  • Asymmetrical factions,
  • 4X game: Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate,
  • The game does all the mundane bookkeeping,
  • Each game is different, superb replayability.

So for me, Warcraft 3 is sort of the gold standard. My ultimate goal is to design a tabletop game that approaches the feel I get when playing Warcraft 3.