Mech Capture [2016]

Mech Capture is a solitaire print and play card game using 36 cards - no dice, cubes, or other components needed.

As enemy and friendly units appear on the battlefield, take charge of friendly units and deploy them in pairs to surround enemy Mechs, or in triplets to surround enemy Mechs, Transports, or Long Range Guns at their base.

A limited number of friendly units may be placed in your Reserves for future deployment. Deploy these units to match the enemy’s displayed characteristic and number of pilots, to capture the Mech and gain its Victory Points. If you exceed their displayed characteristic, the Enemy unit is destroyed so that the Enemy (or you) cannot gain its Victory Points.

Winning the Game
By game end have more Victory Points than the Enemy. Compare your victory points from captured units to all remaining enemy units at their base, three sectors, and Enemy draw pile (if any).

Mech Capture cards

Mech Capture game in progress