Iron & Brass [2016]

Iron & Brass cover image
  • Competitive
  • 2-player
  • Not Yet Published

This is one of my earlier game designs that I haven't played in years. But, for an early design, I think it works well.

Iron & Brass (like its inspiration, the Warcraft PC games) challenges players to select the right strategy, then execute that strategy to defeat your opponent. Hoard resources, build up defenses, build up an army, or some of each - all while your opponent is doing the same.

Iron & Brass is a Print and Play game played on a 10x10 to 16x16 square grid game board. Each player has 14 structures and 24 military units available to build.

A player wins the game by destroying their opponent's Headquarters or all of their opponent's army.

Iron & Brass tabletop game
Iron & Brass game in progress

Cover art was created by Todd Sanders, winning the cover art design contest for this game. Some of the game piece art was created by BoardGameGeek user "Skoll". He created images for: "Skirmisher Patrol" and "Iron Infantry", and because of those, really helped create the look and feel of the rest of the game piece images.