Drakard 2.0 [2020]

Drakard game sheets (2 pages)

(The first version of Drakard was a 1 page game created for a 24 hour design contest on Boardgamegeek. This is an expanded, and I think improved version of the game).

Journey through a forest, encounter friends, and maybe mages and wizards to help you. Combat beasts on your way to combating Drakard, the dragon. Defeat Drakard, then journey to your home fortress to win.

The game uses a palindrome combat mechanic, or stated more simply, to defeat a beast, you must roll a symmetrical result: 3-2-3, or 4-1-1-4, or 2-6-6-6-2 for example.

Drakard game
Drakard game in progress