depleted [2021]

depleted game box mock-up

Game Overview Video

The earth is a dark, cloudy haze. Breathable air, habitable land, resources are nearly depleted.

You have been sent out from your clan in your ship, the Condor, to find energy generators and return them to your home.

image of Condor ship
Player's ship in the game, the Condor

Travel the surface of earth, encounter creatures and items along the way, upgrade your ship, most importantly, find 3 Titan Energy Generators to win the game.

depleted is a solo adventure game set on a weary dying Earth. A player mat represents your ship.

depleted game set-up
Game set up, ready to start

Pay Fuel to explore locations to find resources and allies, and encounter creatures. Upgrade your ship to conserve Fuel, add additional cargo bays, strengthen it for combat, and more. Locations, resources, allies, and creatures are all contained on 102 mini-size cards. Combats are resolved by rolling multiple D12 dice.

depleted soloa dventure game
depleted mid-game