Count of the Nine Estates [2021]

Count of the Nine Estates game image
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Starting with the 9 card game "Count of Nine", I wanted to make a game that had a bit larger decision space for the player. So, I pulled the major structures off the deck of 9 cards, added more for a total of 9 what are now called "estate cards". Then, I added a few more structures to the main deck of 9 cards.

Those 9 estate cards are now set up in a 3x3 grid. When one is built, the remaining cards in its row and column are removed from the match (set of 2 games) permanently. Also, some of the lower point scoring estate cards offer resources that are available in future games.

Button Shy has created new art for the game and cleaned up the graphic design also:

Count of the Nine Estates cards
A few of the new cards for the game.